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  • 1.  Dynamic Absorber for 420CPM frequency

    Posted 07-28-2023 01:30

    Dear Members

    Is it possible to design DVA to counter 420CPM frequency for vertical motor.I tried by attached spreadsheet.M2 weight looks not pracitical.

    Motor is vibrating at frequency 420CPM which is fan blade pass frequency.Vertical motor coupled with Gearbox to run fan.

    I tried with below attached calculation.

    Please assist to design DVA 

    Best Regards

    Rana Ali


    DVA Cal.xlsx   56 KB 1 version

  • 2.  RE: Dynamic Absorber for 420CPM frequency

    Posted 07-29-2023 05:32

    Contact Taqi from ZATA Solution. you can give my reference  

    Basit Khan

  • 3.  RE: Dynamic Absorber for 420CPM frequency

    Posted 08-26-2023 02:54
    Edited by Irfan Afrinaldi Saputra 08-26-2023 02:55

    i was ever design with my team DVA for the vertical motor with 282 kW.. the resonance in 1x TS.. Motor speed : 1491 RPM..
    Vibration was drop from 8,91mm/s to 0,43mm/s RMS.. 

    i think, before you decide install DVA, make sure with Bump test your equipment to sure the resonance was problem

    Irfan Afrinaldi Saputra