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Asset management and Reliability like you've never seen them before!

Welcome to Asset Management Visionaries, Shaping Tomorrow! We are proud to present our new podcast, a series of monthly podcasts focused on meeting and sharing with Asset Management professionals from around the world; authentic reliability leaders who make a difference and create a better future.

Podcast #2 is out now!

✨Maura Abad talks with Gail Petersen, CRL, MIAM, about the impact of digitalization and the importance of synergy and collaboration 🤝 to produce new ideas 💡.

Gail is Founder & Asset Management Specialist in Fortig Inc, and one of the creators of the IoT Purple Passport. She is a member of the Asset Management Institute in the UK 🇬🇧, and a volunteer with the Reliability Leadership Foundation's Digitization Consortium.

🎙️ View the full podcast here > https://youtu.be/XNPeBlj3URU?si=hl33kmUaofkgcQT1

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Podcast #1: Tami Ryley (Starbucks®)

Reliability leaders show their most human side in these interviews conducted by Maura Abad, full of personal anecdotes and inspiring stories. In our first issue we introduce you to Tami Ryley, a brilliant professional with many years of experience in the US NAVY, Naval Aviator Senior Leader, commercial pilot, and currently directs the Equipment Reliability Program at Starbucks®

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