Reliability Engineering for Maintenance

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    Posted 11-21-2009 14:16
    Posted by Terry O on behalf of someone who has requested guidance that is not a forum member - yet).

    "Are there any healthcare organizations out there that have successfully implemented a reliability process?" I know that there are pockets where someone may be doing IR scanning or trap programs or oil analysis, but is there anyone that has looked at a comprehensive program across their campus or organization? I've just about given up on finding any examples and am getting ready to move forward in my organization to put together the plan for reliability. From what I've seen, there is going to be a definite difference between manufacturing and healthcare but the same principles should be able to be applied. Any guidance, examples, articles, etc. that you can share would be appreciated. Thanks.

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    Posted 11-21-2009 14:36
    Does health care mean hospitals specifically?

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    Posted 11-21-2009 19:20
    We're running to failure now.


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    Posted 11-23-2009 17:31
    As commented by others, it depends on what one means by "health care organizations"; for example, Eli Lilly has a very aggressive and mature PdM process in the manufacturing plants; Baxter HealthCare was a former client of mine - and they ignored everything they paid me for.

    My experience with hospitals has been sad...many are to one degree or another publicly funded, and their keepers give them no money, and don't remotely understand the issues. One remarkable exception is St Jude's here in Memphis. They do most of their stuff in house, with only specialty stuff outsourced, and do a darn good job. They are an admirable organization on a number of fronts (if you ever think you have it rough, I suggest you take a hike through their wards sometime.......). I find it interesting that an organization that is legendary in its service to patients also takes facility maintenance very seriously.

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    Posted 11-24-2009 11:08
    Interesting post Don,
    1. Is the lack of maintenance costing more in the longer term for these guys?
    2. What are the failure consequences and have you seen some big stuff ups?

    I did get asked by a hospital maintenance engineer to put a proposal to help get some maintenance program running - alas it was not funded. That has been my only insight.
    Like to know answers to the two questions above.

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    Posted 12-08-2009 04:01
    Have found that most healthcare services have consolidated over the years, what was 5 seperate business's is now one big happy family. Along with that came inherited mentality and little to no PM's, only PdM is IR electrical per the insurance provider. Limited amount of trained and qualified staff are in a continuous fire fighting mode. Have been able to solve a few rca findings, but very limited window to work on machines. They too are a 24/7 operation...

    Provide services to energy plant and the hospital for several customers. When it comes to keeping people comfortable and surgery up and running, money grows on trees. I have heard numbers in the $100,000/hr if surgery fan goes down...