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 Vibration analysis on a vacuum pump

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shittu olakunle posted 10-13-2023 09:48


I am trying to analyze a spectrum and I am  stucked in between 2 possible causes ( structural looseness or resonance), there are not enough resources (tools

) on ground to distinguish between the two possible causes.

The pump is a belt driven pump using a 400kw motor. High vibration is observed on the DE of the motor in the vertical and axial , however the vibration does not translate to the pump as shown in the pictures below.

I am suspecting it is a structural looseness as suggested in the spectrum and its waveform , and also the pump and motor are not on same base.

Any expert opinion please 

Motor NDE 
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Ron Brook

The 1x peak in the motor ibv and Iba readings indicates resonance ante base of the peak.  Change Y scale from linear to log to see more clearly.  Yes, I suspect poor vertical support under motor ib side. Usually, these motors sit on Ibeam frames that need to be filled with non-shrinking grout.  Please sends picture of the base.