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 Vibration Calibrator

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Jenish Somadas posted 10-29-2023 00:39

Dear Experts,

I'm a part of an in-house vibration monitoring team and are using a number of vibration analysers and sensors. As per the manufacturer of these analysers, we have to calibrate it every year and the process is very expensive. So, we are looking for an alternative. Is it good to purchase a vibration calibrator to avoid these expensive calibration process? Is anybody successfully using a vibration calibrator in an in-house condition monitoring setup? Any suggestions for a useful Vibration Calibrator are appreciated. 

Have a nice day!!


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Ahmad Kidwai

Hi Jenish

You can try 

GE Bently Nevada 330400 and 330425 Accelerometer Calibration

Check out the below link  

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Rich Pratt

On the vibration side most calibration requirements are based on mechanical systems.  Accelerometers are not calibrated, they essentially just verify the calibration.  For the most part the digital analyzers are the same.

Depending on your requirements, having a portable shaker and just verifying the sensors and analyzers should be fine, if an accelerometer is out of range you replace it, if the analyzer is you send it in to be calibrated.

If you are heavily regulated industry like nuclear, you may be stuck doing the calibration, it will all depend on your requirements.